Cool With You

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Late last night
I was going through some old things
When I saw a picture of you, my best friend
It reminded me of days when you were mine
You had a way that always left me here with a smile
I want those sweet days back again
‘Cuz baby
It’s a sunny day, but your not around
That dog gone rain might as well be pouring down
It’s such a shame ‘cuz my hearts on the ground
Just wanna be cool with you again
Sometimes I sit by the fire and reminisce
About the time that we spent in front of it
And that old flame will never be the same
Until you come back here and rekindle it
I just wanna share my heart with you again
‘Cuz baby
I fall asleep at night and often see you here in my dreams (my dreams)
Hold’in me (hold’in me, yeah baby)
But then I wake up and I realize that your not here with me
It hurts so much
I gotta have you back baby
Chorus x2