Eager Angels

I see you walking in
Hurting from what have been
As your face draws back
And open up a sigh
I hate to break it in you
It’s the hardest thing she had to
But her words meant baby
Everything is through
Nanananana… nanananana…
Nanananana… nanananana…

I watched upon the heavens
Wait till you believe our moment is true

Like eager angels falling from heavens
I’d give it all up to share the pain with you
Like eager angels falling from heaven
Undaunted cause your love
Will see me through

How can I make you feel
How i want to hold you near
I ache to feel your hand caress my soul
I’m standing next to you
My days no longer blue
I’d shed my wings to offer what is true
Nanananana… nanananana…
Nanananana… nanananana…

[repeat refrain]

[repeat chorus]

I still can taste the scent of your voice on my lips
Every moment i close my eyes and breath you
It was a moment that would linger on in my stubborn disbelief
In the magic that was woven…stolen

Like eager angels …
Like eager angels …
You’re my angel …
You’re my angel …