Hale: Hale

HaleTo be is all I got to be
And all that I see
And all that I need this time
To me the life you gave me
The day you said goodnight

“The Day You Said Goodnight” — the song you’ve probably heard close to a hundred times in a span of a few weeks. This song is now played almost anywhere, not only on the radio but even in malls.

Not too long ago, Hale was a relative unknown in the local music scene. It had no sizable following compared to the established acts like Sugarfree, Rivermaya, and Bamboo, most likely a result of the band’s decision to prioritize producing a decent demo. The band deferred live gigs and the club scene, and their decision brought them where they are now.

If you’re expecting a rockin’ collection of songs, you’d be disappointed. Hale’s debut release does not pretend to rock the house down, but instead invites you to go sink into the meaning of their music. You can’t help but compare their sound and style to Coldplay, Radiohead, and Switchfoot, admittedly significant influences in their music.

Their overall sound is somehow BritPop–inspired, evident in most of their English tracks, which happens to be ten of the twelve tracks on their CD.

New listeners often say that their songs sound alike, making it hard to distinguish one from the others — and I’m sure many would agree. But slowly, you’d notice the better ones like “Take No,” “Blue Sky,” and “Kahit Pa.” And then there’s “Broken Sonnet” and “The Day You Said Goodnight,” the strongest songs from this album.

Hale’s first album is a definite good buy, a clear indication of the rebirth of the local music industry. This is one of those CD’s that will surely be a part of the music rotation in your audio player. Buy it.

  • mariz ragay

    gwapo mo champ……………

  • mariz ragay

    gwapo mo talaga champ!!!subra!!!grabeh!!!!!i love you talaga!!!!!!

  • richelle

    hi champ!!!!!!!!! ure the cutest boy that i ever saw!!!!!!!!!! grabe!!!!!!lakas ng appeal mo!!!!!!!! as in to the highest level!!!!1111grabe n 2!!!!!!!!luv u champ!!!!!!!im ure no.1 fan!!!!! sana punta kau d2 sa balayan batangas.sa dec.8 plsssss….. love u champ

  • richelle

    sana mawala n ung mga cueshe mga macho dancer cla hondi singer!!!!!!hahahaha still hale forever and ever!!!!!luv u champ!!!!hail to hale!!!!!ang gnda ng new song nyo n waltz i really like it so much!!!!

  • richelle

    u rock my world champ!!!!! luv u so much!!!!!

  • hi…ganda nang new song niyo ung waltz….nkkarelate xa dun s babaeng guz2 q now…lalo n ung…i hate the way you are…. so mean to me by far…. the most frigid girl that i never known…actually friend q xa…..nsbi koh n rin s knya n i like her…pro lumalayo n xa skin…pro mahal koh p rin xa…bazta un n un…hope mdami pang song nsusunod un lang…

  • jesavib

    char……(sigaw ng bayan)hale u inspired me…hpe to see ya…..champ…break a leg….

  • Diana

    Haloow idol
    Sobrang ganda na song nyo

  • katha

    what can i say bout this band,,,well….
    my friends told me that im cheaper than a cheaper,,,because of this band…
    but for me its not,,,
    look,,,thier music are very love,,,not lonely in ears,,,but refreshes my imagination,,,idea,, and lots of more,,
    thats why i love this group band,,,
    go hale,,,go for the champ,,,
    specialy to champ,,,

  • katha

    tnx to all of you guys,,,kyo kc gnmit ko sa power point ko,,,and know what,,,
    my project is the most beautiful in the whole class,
    im very glad of my self,,,

  • Waltz

  • joyce anne


    nc music huh….

    champ fogi mu grabe


  • ..hhmmp, haaay, champ, the bezt ka..
    Sana mging guest din kta, wahahaha..in my dreams,,,,,

  • ..grabeeeee, kaadik pho ang hale,,,,sooobra.

    damihan nyo pa exposure nyo sa t.v.

    ……hope to see you in my wedding,,,

  • happy new year to you ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    belated merry x`mas din i hope na mameet kita in person…………….
    take care of your self ha………
    take care sa mga explosive materials ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….
    keep up the good work……………………..

  • ma.nadiandra

    hale is one of the band i really look forward to when it comes to the songs they release. i really like their songs.

  • nomer of bataan

    poetic. substantial. pure music.




  • athenn=)


  • this is the band i love the most..!
    gling nla mxdo..
    they rea;;y rock my world..

  • euge


  • des

    by nio n rin second album..ganda..super…!!!!!!!!!!!!..shooting star

  • kennan

    is hale emo?

  • Meowxoxo

    wen i hear hale……..
    i am so happy and uhm……… i am so
    proud that i adore them!!!
    keep on rockin’ HALE!!!!!!

  • #713…
    accdnG to the secOnd issUe of MYX mag, the music of the banD is chAracterIzed as EMO ROCK. pero, accdng sa interview… hindi namAn big deAl sa band kung twagin clanG emo… call them HALE and their happy!!!

    am i ryt?!

    presidents kame ng HALE DEFENSE FORCE… kaya we know evry bit of info abwt the band!!! aja!

  • rosie

    i lab u champ. pogi mh

  • cLaire aka cHamp

    i l0ve maH cHamp! he’s my oNly one!!!!!
    H A L E

  • It IS off-topic, but what do you thank about Super Tuesday?

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    …..grabe ang astig ng banda nyo…yeahhhh…..
    from aquarious 21