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Til’ They Take My Heart Away


I look into your eyes so far away.. There’s trouble on your mind your losing faith Hey now…let me hold you It’ll be okay ‘Cause I will love you til’ they take my heart away Remember when you called and said goodbye You’d thought we’d lost it all And so did I But even if […]

Human Nature


Looking out Across the night-time The city winks a sleepless eye Hear his voice Shake my window Sweet seducing sighs Get me out Into the night-time Four walls won’t hold me tonight If this town Is just an apple Then let me take a bite If they say Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human […]

If The Feeling is Gone


If the feeling is gone please don’t pretend that you still love me I can see it in your eyes and it hurts to admit it I can’t tell that the feeling is gone All i ask is just a little honestly Though i know that you’re not coming back to me You know i’ll […]