Nick Drake

Northern Sky

[Chorus] I never felt magic crazy as this I never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea I never held emotion in the palm of my hand Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree But now you’re here Brighten my northern sky [Verse 1] I’ve been a long time that I’m […]

Francis M

Ito ang Gusto Ko!

Ito ang gusto ko [Verse 1] Mabuhay nang maayos at lubos Magbigay sa kapwa, magmahal ng taos Gusto kong tikman ang sarap ng buhay Hawakan ang bukas sa ‘king mga kamay Makita (alin?), makita (alin?) Makita ang liwanag sa gitna ng dilim Ayoko sa dilim nagdidilim ang paningin Ang kalayaang inaasam ay ibigay mo na […]

Hanna Flores Jose Mari Chan

Christmas Anyway

We don’t need yuletide lights aglow, There’s no need for silver bells or mistletoe, Never mind what months or days, Every day is a holiday, When you’re here it’s Christmas anyway, We don’t the tensile or the tree, All I need right now is simply you and me, We don’t need holly, or a reindeer […]

Ayie Oppus-Remonte Deo Fortunato Cruz Eugene Cailao Jose Mari Chan Lindie Achacoso Trina Belamide

Ring in the New

Let’s throw away the old And ring in the new This new year will brighten For me and for you May your hurts and fears all disappear Your fondest wish come true A merry, merry Christmas and A happy, happy new year to you! (Let’s throw away the old And ring in the new This […]

Jose Mari Chan

It’s Christmas

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas Bells are ringing, choirs are singing joyful melody It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas Come let’s celebrate A Christmas tree with lights I see and gift for the family A Christmas wish for you and me for peace and harmony It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas Bells are ringing, choirs are singing joyful melody It’s […]

Cris Villonco Jose Mari Chan

December 25

(Cris Villonco) Let us bring the message of December 25 Giving thanks for all the blessings It’s great to be alive With a grateful heart Open up our lives to Jesus Time for great rejoicing Our savior born today There’s joy and celebrating Because it’s Christmas day [Refrain] This is the season we joyfully anticipating […]

Jose Mari Chan

Going Home to Christmas

I’m traveling up the winding road of life I’ve climbed some rugged hills along the way The days get longer as I reach October I count the hours from day to day I’m tired and weary, feeling all alone I wonder where the months have flown I need the warm embrace of cool December And […]

Jose Mari Chan Ramona Isabel Buñag Chan

Song of the Firefly

(Jose Mari Chan) Listen to the song of the firefly Glowing gently light and bright Twinkling in the dark a floating star that shines all through the night There is a light like the firefly Shining deep inside your heart It’s the light of love that tells you we are never far apart Let yourself […]

Franco Chan Jose Antonio Chan Jose Mari Chan Liza Chan-Parpan Michael Philip Chan

Christmas Moments

I remember my Christmas when I was ten What I would give to be a young boy again? And hear those carols of singing My heart with joy was brimming As a child anticipating The bells of Christmas morn I remember my Christmas, the 25 A love of a wife and the gift of a […]

Jose Mari Chan Liza Chan-Parpan

Let Love Be The Gift

(Liza Chan) Christmas is wearing a smile on each face Setting the world, the globe Christmas is blessing some all lonely place With all the gift to show (Jose Mari Chan) Carols that float in the air day and night And candles that burn with the one friendly light But more even more than all […]