Love of My Life

South Border


Oh, love of my life, destined forever
I will be right here by your side
No fallin’ tears when we’re together
You know the joy you bring to me

(Never) There’ll be no other
We’ll share as lovers right from the heart
Up from my mind to your soul, I will give it to you, girl
My every little thing that I’m more than willing
I will give to you

Forever starts from now, I promise you
Loving you is all that I can do
No one can take it away from me, nobody but you


Oh, now is the time, stars will be bright
Our bodies will groove all through the night
Come take my hand then we’ll fly
Come on, baby, hear me say

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS except last two words]

There’ll be no time for sad goodbyes
Without you here, I can’t get by
Don’t you go away


[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS twice except last two words on the 2nd time]

Woh woh, only you, it’s got to be you
Only you, baby, baby
‘Cause you’re my lady, oh ha