Underneath the Waves

The stars beneath the sky
They tell me you’re a secret
And everytime
I wake up in the morning
Rain is falling down on me
I feel free

You caught me by surprise
I ask you to believe me
Without a lie
We’ll never have to say or feel we’re sorry
Don’t say we’re sorry
Soon you’ll see

I’m learning
I’m learning you now

Stars fading
Free falling into you

This time I’m sure what I’m looking for
And that’s what I want you to know
And I won’t ever let you go

Underneath the waves
I can feel you underneath the waves

It’s all been said and done to me I know it
Just let me have a chance to prove my cause
And I don’t know what lies ahead for us
In any road I’ll let you come my way

And I’m ready for you now
Be ready for me now
Show me love