Beautiful Machine


They caught you in the pages
Of an empty magazine
Your wires all exposed
Like a beautiful machine
LED’s aglow, buttons in a row
We seek umbilical disguises
On the screen (and they say…)

Turn in on, do me in
Turn me on, do me in
Turn in on, do me in

Don’t stop, do it again, go use it
Jumpstart, do it again, don’t lose it
Dominion is over now
So why’re you’re riding on a cheapskate
Through all the circuitry
I find a face

Flip-flop cruises blow your mind
Trip-hop sutures they rewind
It’s alright
It’s alright
We love to dream
In black and white

Don’t lose it
Go use it
Just do it again
Again, again, again
Unicorn (4x)

And all the frequencies are open tonight
It isn’t gonna let us out of its sight
And i just know we’re gonna make it alright
‘Cause you’re beautiful