If We Just Hold On

Jonalyn Viray

We made the same mistakes again
Our heartaches never seem to end
Now we can’t pretend
our love is still
as strong as it has been

We let our pride get in the way
Until there’s no one left to say
I might refuse to learn how to forget
But our hearts still say
that we belong together
Though we may not be a perfect pair

If we just hold on to our love
And never let it end
If we just trust in our feelings
And let our hearts give in
If we just keep on believing
That love will always win
Then love will find it’s way
Back to our hearts again

We said that love was strong enough
We promise that without a doubt
Now we find it hard to understand
What we have done so far

[repeat refrain]

[repeat chorus]

So let it in
It’s the same on love we still believe in
Just hold on tight
We know that after all it’s you and I
Just you and I

[repeat chorus]

Our love will find it’s way
Back to our hearts again…