All in the Heart

After Image

How many steps does it take to walk a mile
How many seconds does it take to wait awhile
Take the time, go the distance to get better

How many times must a man betray his faith
How many times can a man control his hate
For his life, for the world to get better, yeah

‘Cause it’s all in the heart
It’s all in the heart
It’s all in the heart

How many lies do we say to make it true
How many victories till we all hell loose
You know the truth, it ain’t wrong till we get better

How many wars do we fight for all to win
How many gods do we need to forgive our sins
There’s a war going on to get better, yeah

[repeat chorus]

How many Christs do we kill for all to see
How many crosses till we could all believe

[repeat chorus]

It’s all in the heart [4x]

I believe in love