You Had Me At Hello

Luke Mejares

I can say there’s something’s wrong
I feel it everytime we touch
It’s just ain’t enough
Girl you keep holding back
Don’t let you insecurities
Will off a good thing

So stop! Down, you got baby
Shut up! You know you’re my lady
It’s alright, it’s alright, yeah, ooh

You had me at hello
You had me from the start
Girl if you only knew
How beautiful you are
Your never have to be worry
I’m here for you now
Completely, oh baby, believe me
You had me at hello, oh baby

I know you’ve been hurt before
But I can really sure you now
I won’t let you down
Coz I know exactly how it feels
There’s something just ain’t no good

[repeat refrain]

[repeat chorus]

You’ve been in my life, girl, oh girl
You had me at hello
You are my world

[repeat chorus]