People say we live and die
While the world goes on
So all our friends may pass away
Like a silent song
But you and me we’re meant to be
Forever entwined
And I don’t believe when they say my love

Is blind

I tried so hard to be with you
I believe you did too
So all our hopes and all our dreams
Will someday come true
And now I hold you close to me
Is the right thing to do
And I pray so hard for love
To shine on through

You’re the reason I want to stay
’cause you fill my life with joy everyday
You can turn the night into day
And you can take the sunshine away

Lying here all alone with tears in my eyes
Taking back to all the years
You we’re here by my side
You went away and didn’t say even goodbye
I’m dying here and all I can do is cry

When we we’re living in an endless

You took my hand and darkness turn to day
I wish i’d turn the hands of time
To the days when you were still mine

[repeat chorus 2x]