Could Have Been The One

Christian Bautista

I just know the look in your face
And they can never lie, your beautiful eye
He’s hurt you once again
He’s leaving you and then you’re crying
Your heart to one more friend

And I am now holding you
Trying hard to stop myself from telling you
But I’m dying inside
That I’m trying to hide
All the feeling that I have for you

I could have been the one to love you
Could have been to hold you tight
Been the one to make you see brighter days
Through those lonely nights
I know that you can never really understand
All I want for you is to know
That I could have been the one

Ohh, I cannot believe
That we can never be more than just friends
For in my heart I know
That you and I will be together
In the end, in the end, yeah

[repeat chorus except last line]

[repeat chorus]

I could have been the one