Take A Ride

Christian Bautista

Did you see me coming
And hear me whispering your name
Wish I could me a part of your life
Wherever you may be
‘Coz I feel you, here inside me right now

I can feel the lights that shine upon your face
The color of your smile
I’m longing to embrace

Hold my hand, take a ride, we’ll fly tonight
Don’t be afraid to come with me
You’ll be safe and warm
Trust me once for me to prove
That we can reach the stars above tonight
Just this moment, only the two of us

Have you seen me smiling
Looking at your pretty face
Wish I could have just one kiss
I can’t fight no more with this feeling

‘Coz I know now I love you right now
I have never felt the way you make me feel
Can’t you hear the beat
That sparks in my heart

[repeat chorus]

Only the two of us