My Love is Here

Erik Santos

Album: The Jim Brickman Song Book

Words, nothing but words
For me to show
How much my love for you unfolds
Through trouble and fears
This love feels so real
And I need you to know

[refrain 1]
Even though we’re far apart
You’re right beside me in my heart

Don’t you know my love is here?
Don’t you know my love is real?
You should know by now
This much is true
My love is here for you

Time, nothing but time
To make up your mind
I’ll give you all that you need
I want you to know
I’ll never let go
‘Til you come back to me

[refrain 2]
Even though you’re far away
I’m right beside you day by day

[repeat chorus]

[repeat refrain 1]

[repeat chorus]