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Let Me Be the One

Jimmy Bondoc

Somebody told me you were leavin’ I didn’t know Somebody told me you’re unhappy But it doesn’t show Somebody told me that you don’t want me no more So you’re walkin’ out the door Nobody told me you’ve been cryin’ Every night Nobody told me you’d been dyin’ But didn’t want to fight Nobody told […]

Akin Na Lang Sana Sya

Jimmy Bondoc

Pare naman Pakiusap ko lang Akin na lang sya Marami ka amang iba Ibalato mo na sana Pare naman Kung puwede lang Awag ka nang pumorma Baka sa yo nanaman mapunta E iiwanan mo lang di ba? [chorus] Akin na lang sana sya Marami ka pa namang iba Nasa iyo na ang buong langit Akin […]

The Man I Was With You

Jimmy Bondoc

[intro] Listen, just hear me out yes, I know we agreed when we break up, we’d never give in to this need to admit to each other, I miss you Listen, just hear my cry no, I won’t break my word if I do say, “I miss you,” it will never be heard let my […]