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The Fight Is Over


Album:  Under Southern Lights When the fighting is over Cause’ our mouths have just run dry As our feelings get colder There’s  nothing to hold us now Gave all this time just to be let down Can you explain to me? What has become of us? With words released We can never take them back […]

A New Tattoo


Great moments they pass by If you’re careless Desperately trying to speak the words I’ve been wanting to say for a long time Tongue tied, every time I try to talk to you In time, I’ll find the right line Caught a glimpse of you I tremble every time you walk by Hopelessly trying to […]

First Of Summer


Parked car This night sky Makes city lights shine like diamonds Our song plays on the radio We’re living it up Make this night ours We own the world I wish this lasts forever Alone with you tonight Further in you feels so right I’m giving it up and just a little more This heartfelt […]