Orange And Lemons

She’s Leaving Home

She’s leaving home
she’s leaving me alone
She no longer needs
my love anymore

She said lets end up this way
You can go on your own
I’m going my way
You know it hurts inside
I just can’t take it
And as the tears go by
There’s nothing I can do about it

Why? tell me why, tell me
Why, tell me why you said goodbye
Tell me how, tell me
How could I live without your love.
Tell me when, tell me
When, tell me when, when are you
Coming back again
Coming back again
Coming back again to me.

Now that your gone
I think up things were done
And all about happiness
Will shed as one

Your name I always whisper
With know that you hear it
Feel it just the same
I just understand
And think about it
That maybe in the end
It’s you and me again