I tried to lose myself today
And hope this pain will go away
A thousand days I tried to waste
I feel the same but you’re still okay

I feel you, you don’t feel me
I see you, you don’t see me
Duck, duck as we stand back to back
I see you disappear in eyes it fades to black
I wanna let it out when I’m back on the track
Causing you to move bringing you a heart attack
And I feel the pain like a needle in my vein now
Hurt myself coz you think I didn’t know how to
Cut myself and watch me bleed
I turn around as I watch you leave

Don’t take away your eyes
Coz I know you’re beside me but I just can’t hold and see
I wish I’m numb inside
Coz I don’t want this feelin’, this feelin’ that I can’t hide

I tried to crawl inside of you
And make you feel those things you do
I turn away to watch you drown
I’m still right here tryin’ to hear the sound

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus 2x]