Carry My Love

Sarah Geronimo

If there is something then at least just say it
I wanna know what this could mean for us
What do you have when it happens?
I think they call it love

I’ll take a breath and let my feelings show
Cause we’re exploring territories never known
Like the first time you sing
And all of the happiness it brings

Carry my love through all the seasons
Carry my heart inside the reasons
You are my prayer – my every thought
That I will guard at any cost
You are my safe inside the storm
And in your arms I am at home
Every emotions that’s uncharted
Gives me a joy from where we started

No matter if we take it slow
It doesn’t really change a thing, you know
It’s like you fall through the floor
And everyday being born into our love again

We’re like the seams inside the picture we sewn
And our reflection shines on every cornerstone
Our world begins with the dawn
It’s guiding us through the midnight stars

[repeat chorus]

(you’re all my dreams)
We keep the best things and the good we have (you’re everything)
We count our blessings everyday we can (safe in my heart)
I wanna say the words and they’re truthful (I love who you are)
With all the love around you know I need you (without you I’m lost)

You are a dream I hope will never end
For all the beauty of you making love to me again
Tell me I won’t be alone
That we’ll be together for all time

[repeat chorus]